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Tell the story of what happened with your tc. From the beginning x

Shut up and just be happy Answer:

Okayyy.. Well.. We were at the trip two years ago and i had a crush on him.. So i tried flirt a little and it seemed it worked. One night at the trip, i was feeling sick and he took care of me. When we came back, i wrote him an e-mail that i thank him for his care and he replied.. We were in a friendly relationship for over a year when i told him i had a crush on him.. And he felt the same. from that moment we are seeing each other after classes in his class and we are doing all these inpropriate things hihi

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Me: *sitting in tc's room before class*

Me: Okay, I'm going to get over this and see him as a friend, just see him as friend...

TC: *walks in and makes eye contact*

Me: Just see him as a fffff-fuck it he's so amazing and adorable and sexy and ugh